Unlocking Huawei E5577Fs-93 by IMEI is the best choice to unlock Huawei E5577Fs-93. Get your Huawei E5577Fs-93 unlock code using Huawei Calculator.

Unlock Huawei E5577Fs-93

Huawei E5577Fs-93 unlock code

Huaweicalculator.com, can generate the network unlock code for Huawei E5577Fs-93. We send you the SIMLock code and unlocking instructions Huawei E5577Fs-93 to your email.

How to unlock Huawei E5577Fs-93

1. Insert a SIM card from another operator in the device, turn on your router

2. Connect the Huawei E5577Fs-93 router to your PC using a compatible cable

3. Open the web browser and enter in the address bar: or

4. Enter « username » and « password » then click on: « Login » to access the management interface page, there are two opportunities to enter your unlock code:

Settings -> Dialup -> SIM Unlock Card -> Enter Unlock Code -> Click OK


Advanced Settings -> SIM Settings -> Unlock Device -> Enter Unlock Code -> Click Apply

Download Huawei E5577Fs-93 firmware

On this page, you can get Huawei E5577Fs-93 firmware download link, also generate the Huawei E5577Fs-93 flash code.


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