Unlock Huawei New Algorithm V4 & V5 devices by IMEI is possible, factory unlock code for Huawei V1, V2, V201, V3, V4, V5 algo is available or unlocking solution to get the simlock code if your vireless device is network locked.
Huawei calculator is the service specialized in unlocking Huawei products, you can get the unlock code for any model.

The NCK code for Huawei modems and routers with v4 algorithm can be calculated from NV codes in hash format. These devices have a custom firmware and you will need to change the firmware version.

If the firmware requires a datalock code or displays an error code 13, 17, 19 during the update. The method of unlocking by boot shot will be the solution to bypass the high level of security of these devices. All the details of the procedure explained to you in the tutorial.