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Unlock Huawei Modem


Unlock Huawei modem without voiding manufacturer’s warranty. Get the network unlock code for Huawei modem.

Delivery time is usually 1-2 hours to get an unlock code. No refund for model not mentioned below.



How to enter unlock code on Huawei modem

1. Download Huawei Mobile Partner

2. Insert a SIM card from another operator into the data card

2. Run Mobile Partner automatically a pop-up window appears now enter your unlock code

3. Click « OK » to unlock the modem

Supported models:

Huawei E137, E153, E171, E272, Huawei E303, E303C, E303D, E303S-2, E352, E355, E3372s-150, E357, E362, E363, E367, E368, E369, E359, E372, E392, E392u-9, E392u-12, E392u-21, E392u-22, E392u-92, E392u-511, E397, E398, E2131, E3131As-2, E3131As-1, E3121, E3131, E3131s-1, E3131s-2, E3276, E3276s-150, E3276s-151, E3331s-3, E3276s-152, E3276s-210, E3276s-500, E3276s-601, E3276s-861, E3276s-920, E8131, E8131s-2, E3331s-2, E3131As-1, E3131As-2, E3236, E397Bu-502, E3533, E3351, E8278, E8278S-602, E8372h-927, Vodafone K3565, Vodafone K4605h, K3765, E800, E630, E1820, E2010, Vodafone K3773, Vodafone K3772G, E3372h-603, E3272s-153, E3272s-210, E3272s-600, E8231, E8231s-2, E3372, E3531, E3272s-506, E3272s-926, E3272s-927

Huawei E8278s-603, E3251s-1, E3251s-2, E3256s-1, E3256s-2, E3256s-6, E8372, E8221, E8221s-1, E8258Ws-2, E3370, Vodafone K3772, Vodafone K5150, E8258, Vodafone K5150H, Vodafone K5007, Vodafone K5005, Megafon E367, Vodafone K4605, 203HW, Vodafone K3806, Vodafone K3771, Vodafone K3770, Vodafone K4305, Vodafone K4588, Vodafone K4511, Vodafone K4510, Vodafone K4201, Vodafone K4505, Vodafone K4606, E352u-2, E352s-1, HiMini E369, E353s-2, E3533s-2, E352s-6, E3351s-2, E3351s-3, E3251s-6, E3251s-81, E3121s-3, E3276s-503, E3276s-505, E3276s-862, E392u-12, E3272

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To unlock Huawei modem, make sure your device is network locked, insert an unsupported SIM card and if its asking for an unlock code.

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