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Unlock Huawei Bootloader

Unlock the bootloader password on any Huawei Android phone. Get 16-digit Huawei bootloader unlock code.


How to enter the bootloader unlock code on Huawei Android phone?

1. Download ADB and Fastboot Drivers

2. Open the minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.4.1.exe

3. Connect the phone with FASTBOOT MODE.

4. Put the command like this format: fastboot oem unlock ******

5. Output result will be Unlocked.

Unlock Huawei Bootloader – All supported imeis available

NMO-L31, NXT-AL10A, NXT-AL10B, H30-C00, H30-L01, H30-L01M, RNE-L21, RNE-L23, RNE-AL00, RNE-L22, BLA-A09, BLA-AL00,BLA-L09, BLA-L29, ALE-L03, ALE-L21, ALE-L22, ALE-L23, S7-721g, S7-721u, S7-721w, S7-722u, CAM-AL00, CAM-CL00, CAM-L03, CAM-L03E, KII-L33, KIW-AL10, KIW-AL20, KIW-CL00, TRT-TL10, TRT-TL10A, TRT-L21A, LYO-L01, EVA-L09J, EVA-L19, EVA-L29, EVA-TL00, ATH-AL00, ATH-CL00, ATH-TL00, ATH-TL00H, ATU-L03, ATU-L11, ATU-L31, ATU-L22, FRD-L04, FRD-L09, FRD-L19, FRD-TL00, MT7-TL00, MT7-TL10, MT7-UL00, NEM-AL00, NEM-AL10, BKK-AL00, ARE-AL00, ARS-LX2,ARS-L22, AUM-TL20, AUM-TL30, VEN-L22, DUB-AL00, DUB-AL20, CRR-CL10, CRR-CL20, CRR-J01, CRR-L09, CRR-L13, CAM-L32, CAM-L53, CAM-TL00, CAM-TL00E, NEM-L22, NEM-L51, NEM-TL00, NEM-TL00H, NEM-UL10, NMO-L01, EVA-AL00, EVA-AL10, EVA-CL00, FRD-AL00, FRD-AL00A, FRD-AL10, FRD-AL10, BND-L24, BND-L22, BND-AL10, BND-TL10, SLA-AL00, KNT-UL10, LUA-L01, LUA-L02, LUA-L03, S10-101L, S10-101u, S10-101w, KIW-L21, KIW-L22, KIW-L23, KIW-L24, ALE-L34, ALE-L52, ALE-L53, ALE-L62, LND-AL10, LND-AL30, LND-AL40, LND-TL00, S7-601w, S7-602u, S7-611u, ATH-UL00, ATH-UL01, ATH-UL06, ATH-UL11, ATH-UL16, SCL-L03, SCL-L04, SCL-L21, SCL-L32, SCL-L43, CAM-L22, CAM-L23, CAM-TL00H, CAM-UL00, CAM-UL00E, DLI-AL10, DLI-L22, DLI-L42, DLI-TL20, H60-L12, H60-L21, H867G, H882L, H891L, AUM-AL30, AUM-L29, AUM-L41, ANE-L01, ANE-L21, ANE-LX1,ANE-L22, AUM-TL00, DUB-TL00, Mya-L22, Mya-L23, Mya-L41, DUB-LX1, CHM-U01, CHM-TL00, STF-AL10, STF-AL20, STF-L09, STF-L14, STF-L19, DIG-TL10,CUN-L01, CUN-L03, CUN-L21, CUN-L33, CUN-L02, CHM-TL00H, CHM-UL00, ALE-CL00, T1-701g, T1-701u, T1-701ua, T1-701w, ALE-L01, ALE-L02, ALE-TL00, ALE-UL00, LND-L03, LND-L21, LND-LX2, LND-L22, RNE-L03, ALP-AL00, ALP-L09, ALP-L29, S10-101wf, S10-102u, S10-103L, LLD-L22, HDN-W09, FIG-LX2, FIG-LX3, ALP-TL00, EVA-DL00, EVA-L09, FRD-L02, TIT-L01, TIT-L02, TIT-U02, TIT-TL00, VNS-L02, VNS-L03, VNS-L11, VNS-L21, CAM-L21, CHC-U01, CHC-U03, CHC-U23, GRA-UL00, GRA-UL10, H30-L02, H60-L01, VIE-AL10B, VIE-AL10C, VNS-AL00, VNS-CL00, PLK-L01, PLK-L11, PLK-L21, PLK-TL00, PLK-TL01H, DUB-L21, DUB-LX2, DUB-L22, DUB-LX3, DUB-L23, BKK-LX1, CRR-TL00, CRR-UL00, PRA-LX2, DUK-L09, DUK-AL20, MLA-L02, MLA-L03, MLA-L11, MLA-L12, TAG-CL00, TAG-L01, TAG-L03, BLA-L29, BLA-TL00, SLA-TL00, RIO-L03, RIO-L11, RIO-L12, RIO-L13, RIO-L21, NMO-L22, NMO-L23, NXT-AL10C, NXT-CL00, NXT-DL00A, BLA-A09, BLA-AL00, BLA-L09, SLA-L22, SLA-L02, KNT-L09, KNT-TL10, LUA-L13, LUA-L21, LUA-L23, LUA-U02, GRA-L03, H60-L02, H60-L03, S10-201L, S10-201u, S10-201wa, S10-202u, M2-801L, M2-801w, M2-802L, H60-L04, S8-301L, S8-301u, S8-301w, ATU-AL10, ATU-L01,ATU-L02, ATU-L23, ATU-L31, SLA-L02, SLA-TL10, CPN-AL00, CPN-L09, CPN-W09, SLA-L22, SLA-L02, SLA-L03, SLA-L23, TRT-AL00,TRT-LX01, DIG-AL00, DIG-L01, DIG-L21, ATU-L21, ATU-L42, ATU-TL10, AUM-AL00, AUM-AL20, MLA-AL00, MLA-AL10, MLA-L01, MLA-L13, MLA-TL00, BKK-L21, BKK-AL10, BKK-TL00, HWV32, KIW-UL00, KNT-AL10, KNT-AL20, KNT-CL10, LUA-U03, LUA-U13, S7-601c, S7-601u, S7-601ue, S7-601us, LUA-U22, LUA-U23, VNS-L22J, VNS-L31, VNS-L53, VNS-TL00, PRA-LX1, Prague-L23, PRA-LA1, PRA-L03, PRA-AL00, PRA-LX3, PRA-L21, T1-A21L, T1-A21w, T1-A23L, KII-L22, KII-L23, KIW-TL00, KIW-TL00H, FLA-L23, LND-AL00, LND-TL10, LND-TL40, LND-L01, LND-LX1, MT2-L01, MT2-L02, MT2-L03, MT2-L05, MT7-CL00, WAS-LX2, CRR-L23, WAS-LX3, WAS-L21, WAS-L01, WAS-L22, WAS-L03, PLK-UL00, PLK-UL10, RIO-AL00, LND-L23, LND-L29, Mya-AL10, Mya-L02, Mya-L03, Mya-L11, ANE-L03, ANE-L12, LDN-L21, LDN-L22, PE-TL00, PE-TL20, RIO-CL00, RIO-L01, S8-701u, S8-701w, S8-702u, RIO-L02, DIG-L22, DIG-L23, BLN-AL10, BLN-L21, WAS-TL10, WAS-AL00, Warsaw-LX1, Warsaw-L22, HWI-TL00, FLA-AL00, FLA-AL10, FLA-TL00, Mya-TL10, BKL-AL00, BKL-AL20, BKL-TL00, TAG-L21, TAG-L22, TAG-L23, BLN-L22, BLN-L24, BLN-AL30, BLN-TL00, BLN-TL10, PIC-AL00, PIC-L09, PIC-L29, PIC-TL00, PIC-CL00, FLA-TL10, FLA-AL20, FLA-L03, TRT-AL00, TRT-AL00A, LYO-L02, LYO-L03, BND-Al10, MHA-L09, MHA-L29, MHA-AL00, VKY-AL00, MLA-UL00, MT2-C00, VKY-L09, BLN-AL20, CRR-CL00, BLL-L23, BLL-L22, BLL-L21, MHA-AL00, FDR-A01L, FDR-A03L, FDR-A04L, FDR-A01w, FDR-A05L, BND-L04, BND-L21, BNS-L22, BND-L34, BND-L24, SLA-TL10, RNE-AL00, RNE-L22, NEM-CL00, NEM-L21, Sophia-L00, Sophia-L05, Sophia-L07, Sophia-L09, Sophia-L10, NMO-L02, NMO-L03, NMO-L21, GEM-701L, GEM-702L, GEM-703L, GEM-703LT, P7-L05, S7-701u, S7-701w, S7-702u, P7-L07, P7-L09, P7-L10, P7-L11, P7-L12, BLA-TL00, BND-L21, SLA-TL00, SLA-L22, KII-L01, KII-L02, KII-L03, KII-L05, KII-L21, T1-821L, T1-821w, T1-823L, SCL-L02, PRA-TL10, SCL-U03, SCL-U23, SCL-U31, VNS-DL00, VNS-L01, VNS-L22, RNE-L01, RNE-L02, LDN-AL10, LDN-L01, LDN-TL00, HWI-AL00, FLA-L21, Jazz-L11, Jazz-TL10, FLA-LX2, FLA-L22, BND-AL00, LLD-AL00, Che1-CL20, Cherry-L04, Che2-L11, Che2-L12, Cherry-CL10, GRA-CL00, RIO-UL00, RIO-UL10, SCC-U21, GRA-CL10, LLD-AL10, H60-L11, LLD-L21, FIG-AL10, ANE-AL00, ANE-TL00, BAC-TL00, HDN-L09, FIG-AL00, FIG-LX1, STF-AL00, STF-L29, STF-L39, STF-TL10, PIC-CL10, BAC-AL00, BAC-L01, BAC-L02, BAC-L03, BAC-L09, BAC-L21, BAC-L22, BAC-L23, TAG-AL00, TAG-L13, Che1-CL10, TAG-TL00, Prague-L21, CherryPlus-TL00, Cherrymini-TL00, WAS-LX1, NXT-DL00B, NXT-L09A, PLK-TL11H, PE-TL10, NXT-L09B, ANE-L23, ANE-L42,ANE-L02, LDNL-LX2, LDN-LX3, LDN-L23, LDN-AL00, S8-301wf, S8-302L, S8-303L, NXT-L29A, NXT-L29B, NXT-TL00A, Cherrymini-TL00H, Cherrymini-UL00, Sophia-L15, Sophia-L18, TIT-AL00, Sophia-L11, Sophia-L12, Warsaw-L03, Warsaw-L22, Warsaw-L23, Prague-L11, Prague-LX3, Prague-L31, TIT-CL10, Prague-L11, RIO-L22, S7-301c, S7-301u, Warsaw-L01, Warsaw-TL10, S7-301w, RIO-L23, RIO-L33, RIO-TL00, SCC-U23, ALP-AL00, ALP-L09, ALP-L29, ALP-TL00, SCL-AL00, SCL-CL00, SCL-L01, S7-302u, S7-303u, S7-312u, BTV-W09, VKY-L29, Cherry-CL20, MHA-L09, MHA-L29, MHA-TL00, MHA-AL00, Che1-L04, Che2-L03, BTV-DL09, CherryPlus-L03, CherryPlus-L12, CPN-AL00, BAH2-AL09, BAH2-AL19, JMM-L22, JMM-AL00, SHT-W09, CMR-AL19, CMR-AL09, CMR-W09, CMR-W19, AGS-W09, PLE-703L, PLE-701L, BAH2-W09, BAH2-W19, CPN-L09, PLK-AL10, PLK-CL00, CPN-W09, S8-303LY, DAV-701L, S8-304L, S8-306L, BAH-AL00, Prague-TL00, M2-A01L, M2-A01w, Prague-L22, CherryPlus-L23, Prague-L21, BAH-L09, S10-231L, S10-231u, S10-231w, S10-232L, S10-233L, BAH-W09, SHT-AL09, KOB-W09, KOB-L09, KOB-L03, Mya-L13, HDN-L09, HDN-W09, Che2-L23, Che2-TL00, AGS-L09, AGS-L03, JDN-AL00, JDN-L01, JDN-W09A, VIE-AL10A, Cherry-CL20, CherryPlus-L11, MHA-AL10, TRT-LX1, TRT-TL00, G6-C00, G6-L11, G6-L22, G6-L33, G6-T00, G6-U00, G6-U10, G6-U34, P8-L03, P8-L09, P8-L13, G7-L01, G7-L03, G7-TL00, G730-C00, G730-L075, G735-L23, G735-L12, G735-L23, G740-L00, G750-T01, G750-T20, G760-L01, G760-L03, G9, H892L, Holly2 plus, Honor 4A, Honor 4C Pro, M2-803L, 7D-501L, 7D-501u, 7D-503L, 7D-504L

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