Huawei flash code Calculator

You want to update the firmware or webui of your Huawei device. Our online tool can calculate / generate the flash code for Huawei modem dongle, wingle, wireless gateway router, mobile wifi hotspot. Simply enter your 15 digit IMEI number to get the firmware code for your device.


Huawei datalock code

Huawei modems and routers based on algorithm auth v4 require a datalock code instead of flash code as for Huawei V1, V2, V3 (201) Algo models. To get the datalock code for Huawei V4 Algo and V5 devices, contact us

Huawei hash code

If you have exhausted the number of attempts to enter the unlock code for Huawei new/old Algo modem, you will need to reset the counter from 0 to 10. Huawei hash reset code is calculated from the unlock code