HUAWEI Gateway Router Unlock Code


Huawei Calculator is the leading provider of Huawei unlock code. Huawei unlocking service is easy, fast and safe. Huawei remote unlock requires no technical knowledge, need to download software or cable connected.
Huawei server supports all Huawei devices, order and receive your official factory Huawei unlock code calculated from the Huawei database with instructions on how to enter unlock code Huawei.

Delivery times: 5 Minutes – 2 Hours

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Need an unlock code to unlock Huawei gateway router for free, online Huawei unlock code calculator is the most reliable way to unlock all Huawei routers in minutes. Our Huawei unlocking service calculates the Huawei SIM unlock code from the IMEI number. With the Huawei unlock remotely, you have the huge advantage of using the SIM card of any operator of the world and save big money on roaming charges.
All Huawei algorithms supported, the unlock code for Huawei V1 + V2 + V3 algo is calculated from the IMEI number. The unlocking code Huawei V4 algo is generated with a hash code (NVRAM data), the device models are launched between 2015-16.
Supported Models
Huawei B153, Huawei B115, Huawei B183, Huawei B203, Huawei B220, Huawei B200, Huawei B200W, Huawei B260, Huawei B260A, Huawei B522, Huawei B560, Huawei B593, Huawei B593s-22, Huawei B593s-82, Huawei B593s-41, Huawei B593s-58, Huawei B593s-58b, Huawei B593s-850, Huawei B593u-12, Huawei B593s-42, Huawei B593s-12, Huawei B593s, Huawei B390s-2, Huawei B390, Huawei B593u-42, Huawei B593u-91, Huawei B593u-501, Huawei B593u-513, Huawei B593u-601, Huawei B662, Huawei B681, Huawei B683, Huawei B686, Huawei B890, Huawei B890-3, Huawei B890-53, Huawei B890-65, Huawei B890-66, Huawei B890-73, Huawei B880-65M, Huawei B880-65T, Huawei B880-70V, Huawei B882-66, Huawei B930, Huawei B880-75, Huawei B190, Huawei B890-74, Huawei B890-75, Huawei B890-77, Huawei B932, Megafon B683, Huawei B660, Huawei B933, Huawei B960, Huawei B970, Huawei B970B, Huawei D100, Huawei D100T, Huawei E961, Huawei E968, Huawei E970, Huawei E8259, Huawei E8259Ws-2, Speedport HSPA, Huawei B681-20, Huawei B681-24, Huawei B681-44, Huawei B681-54, Huawei B68L, Huawei B2268, Huawei B2268H, Huawei B2268S, Huawei E8238, Huawei E8238WS-2, Huawei AF23, Huawei B2000, Huawei B882, Huawei WS880, Huawei WS325, Huawei W5101, Huawei WS880, Huawei B880, Huawei B880-65, Huawei B880-73, Huawei WS311, Huawei E960, Huawei E8259s-2, Huawei E8238BWs-2, Huawei E8238BWs, Huawei E8131s-1, Huawei E8131s, Huawei B315, Huawei B315s, Huawei B315S-607, Huawei B315S-608, Huawei B390 Rss, Huawei B593s Rss, Huawei B683-24, Huawei B683-74V, Huawei B686, Huawei B68A, Huawei B822-75, Huawei E8377, Huawei B310, Huawei B310s, Huawei B310S-22, Huawei B310S-925, Huawei B310S-927, Huawei B310AS-852, Huawei B310S-518, Huawei B593s-931, Huawei B593s-516, Huawei B593s-31A, Huawei B315s-936, Huawei B315S-22, Huawei B593s-601


Huawei code calculator provides Huawei free remote sim unlock codes for all Huawei models. You have several possibilities to enter the Huawei unlocking code generated on Huawei unlock code generator, each of these methods unlocks the network restriction of your Huawei wireless home gateway.
Insert a SIM card from another operator in your Huawei wireless gateway router then use an RJ45 cable to connect Huawei WiFi router gateway to the computer. Turn on your router, open the internet browser after enter: in the address bar.

Login into your router gateway: Settings -> Dialup -> SIM Unlock Card then enter your unlock code or go Advanced Settings -> SIM Settings -> Unlock Device to enter the unlock code.
Insert a SIM card from another operator in your Huawei 3G Wifi gateway router then use an RJ45 cable to connect the router to the computer. Turn on your Huawei gateway, open the internet browser after enter: in the address bar.

Login into your router, type: or or now enter unlock code then click « Apply ».
SOLUTION 3: Download FMC UnLock v1.0
Unplug your computer Huawei router, install FMC UnLock v1.0 then open the software once the installation is complete. It is important to disable your connection then use a RJ45 cable to connect the router to the computer. If FMC UnLock v1.0 does not detect your router please click « Detect Device ».
Once the router is detected, enter your SIMLock Code code in « Password » then click on « Unlock ». You can now use SIM cards from any operator in the world.